[wp-hackers] Need Guidance: Gsoc

nandha kumar nandhakumar.n87 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 20:28:15 UTC 2010

Hi to all.

I am N.Nandhakumar, a final year MCA student from chennai, TamilNadu, India.

I am a newbie to Gsoc and a user of wordpress.com. I am also very much
interested in contributing to the Gsoc .

Link : www.walkingwithtux.wordpress.com

I saw the Ideas page of wordpress and I am quite interested to do the
"Dashboard 'Setup Completion' Module" project.

The thing that i understood from the project idea is that when a new user to
wordpress creates a site for himself he may not fill in all the details or
may not customize the initial settings of wordpress. So, He may not know on
the settings he has defined during the initial site creation.

Now my proposal is that a entry in the wordpress dashboard will be created
on the user's site, listing the settings that the user have currently set
and not set. Using those information the user can customize the settings he
needs to be enabled on his wordpress site. It will be also possible to list
the functionalities and methods for customization of each settings on that

This is the idea and if I have misunderstood the idea please help me out.
and I also need the details on what are all the technologies I need to know
on doing this project.

I am a beginner in php and have worked on small php projects with my friends
during my college time.

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance


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