[wp-hackers] Installation profiles for WordPress

Ptah Dunbar pt at ptahd.com
Thu Sep 24 18:42:09 UTC 2009

Not sure if this feature has been discussed, but I think WP could  
benefit in having installation profiles, similar to that of drupal.  
Has anyone previously proposed this?

Installation profiles could automatically pre configure WordPress with  
a set of activated plugins, change the default activated theme and  
could also possibly change/add some default settings/content?--all  
during the install process. This could be beneficial to a lot of users/ 
developers allowing them to jump right into content creation instead  
of site configuration.

Users could create a profile that contains all their settings and  
activated plugins they'd usually have to configure after installing  
WP. The profile that they create could also be used across all their  
blogs--saving a lot of time.

As for implementation, that's up for debate. Changes would have to be  
made to the core installation process. Ideally, installation profiles  
should make the famous 5 min install even quicker.

Anyone +1?

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