[wp-hackers] Menu that links to specific content

MarvinC marvinc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 14:23:38 UTC 2009

My apologies in advance if this isn't a "hack request" but I'm in need of a
way to create a menu containing links that point to specific content on a
page. The content on most of the pages on a client site is long so what they
request is the ability for the user to click to be taken to a specific area
of the page, like so:
Link 1: Overview
Link 2: History
Link 3: Middle of Page
Link 4: Last Paragraph of Page

I have the FlexiPages plugin but it doesn't seem to allow this. Is there any
way to do this in Wordpress? Maybe what I'm asking isn't specific to WP so
maybe I can pointed in the right direction as my Google searching isn't
returning anything useful.
Again my apologies in advance if this doesn't fit. Therefore any responses

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