[wp-hackers] Wordpress automatic update fail-ish

Art Delano ajd at cloudiness.com
Thu Oct 22 04:02:40 UTC 2009

I attempted to update a client's site from WP 2.8 to 2.8.5 through the  
automated updater. The updater was stuck for a long time (roughly five  
minutes), so I killed it and replaced the WordPress system manually,  
by FTP.

There are two odd things.

1. Post-FTP, there was no interstitial about updating the database
2. There's a yellow bar on admin pages saying "An automated WordPress  
update has failed to complete - please attempt the update again now".

The site appears to be working normally now; randomly poking at  
various pages and posts doesn't indicate anything's wrong. Aside from  
the yellow bar, is there cause for worry? I'm loathe to try the  
automated update again if it locked up the first time. And I'd like to  
know what's going wrong rather than try bulk-replacing the WordPress  
engine again.

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