[wp-hackers] How to throttle emails on hosts with email sending limits?

William Canino william.canino at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 9 19:39:38 UTC 2009

One of my blogs is on 000webhost and I use Mark Jaquith's "Subscribe
to Comments" plugin among others and its hosting account was suspended
one night when a discussion, well, got out of hand.

000webhost's email sending limit is 'No more than 30 emails per 5
minutes and no more than 100 emails per hour.'

000webhost's PHP config doesn't support SSL/TLS so I can't send via
Gmail. In any case, Gmail also has a limit of "100 people at a time".

So as a stopgap I added a "ORDER BY comment_date DESC LIMIT 28" clause
to Jaquith's plugin and crossed my fingers.

Before I go study how to add the Throttle plugin to Swift Mailer and
use Swift as a wp_mail() replacement, I thought of coming here to ask
if someone has already made or begun a throttling solution or plugin.

A plugin like this may be interesting to write for public release
because, for example, in this case, 000webhost has two limits and
gmail has another kind of limit.


P.S. It amuses me how often various plugins just "do their own thing"
to send their mail.

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