[wp-hackers] This was painful to read...

ErisDS erisds at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 14:10:36 UTC 2009

Someone recently commented on a blog post of mine about the Pods plugin,
which I described as basically "turning Wordpress into Drupal".

What I replied to him goes the same here: use the right tool for the right
job. It depends on the requirements of the project. A website based on
custom data-types will not work well in Wordpress, but if you're building a
blog or info site, Drupal is overkill.

They are very different tools intended for very different jobs. However,
Wordpress is so flexible and extensible that with the help of plugins like
Pods it can move in to solve problems that would normally fall into Drupal's
area. But I don't think the Wordpress core should be modified with this
purpose in mind.

Wordpress is so very good at what it does, and with the additions coming in
2.9 for media management I think it's market is clear.
The problem developers have is that Drupal is quite hard to setup and
nowhere near as intuitive as Wordpress for clients to manage. We're missing
the middle ground - a custom data-type based CMS that is intuitive and

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