[wp-hackers] Options for Controller - Views

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Fri Nov 20 22:02:35 UTC 2009

Okay, so looking at the issue, it seems I had thought that the WP_Query 
was the router, but really it is WP_Rewrite. Also, it seems that too 
much is really just tied to WordPress itself and requires work to extend 
with other uses. In my opinion, WP_Rewrite and WP_Query can exist, but 
new code can be created for WordPress that is more generic that the two 
classes can then use.

In this way, the Router, URI, and Controller can be separated in to 
their own easily identified components. The Views can also be changed to 
not be based off of the template loader file.

I believe the problem is that too much of the code is affecting 
WordPress and it is difficult to see how to work within the parameters 
to add and change. In this way the entire set up is really a hack 
provided to allow for other people to extend WordPress but not really 
take it and replace WordPress cleanly.

Part of the issue is lack of documentation and well, if no one is going 
to step up that knows it well enough (I can't get the code to work that 
is on the Codex) then really, when I write the new code, I'll be sure to 
write out a detailed explanation.

You know if someone wants to help, I can create a ticket and apply the 
patches when I have something. Or if someone wants to take it in a new 
direction, I think, if there are multiple implementations then the best 
one can be looked at. (Also I will probably "steal" it for my own project.)

Jacob Santos

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