[wp-hackers] Plugins and themes localization

Cátia Kitahara contato at catiakitahara.com.br
Tue Nov 17 14:38:58 UTC 2009

Hi guys,

My first time here, so my name is Cátia, I'm from the Brazilian WordPress
Community and I'm responsible for the Brazilian translation team.

Recently somebody asked me if there is a repository for plugins/themes

It made me think about an idea I had once: to add to the plugins/themes
directory the information wether a plugin/theme is internationalized or not
and if so, in which languages it's available.

I brought this conversation to the polyglots list (this thread here:
and Zé suggested me that the best way of doing that would be adding those
informations to the plugin/theme readme.txt files so it could be easily
displayed at the FYI box. He also suggested me to have this discussion here.

So, is this possible? It would be very useful for non-english speakers, and
I think if people starts seeing this as an important feature of their
plugins/themes, maybe more people would internationalize their
plugins/themes making our lives easier. ;)

Cátia Kitahara


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