[wp-hackers] plugin compatability

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 19:21:09 UTC 2009

This is the same set of problems developers with apps in the Apple App
Store encounter, as well as Amazon.  There's no real accountability
for reviews in a direct sense. Amazon, at least, allows for 3rd
parties to mark reviews "helpful" or "unhelpful" which seems to factor
into which reviews the Amazon site presents as [semi-]authoritative.

One thing to take a cue from the App Store on is suggested reviews at
time of plugin deactivation. If you delete an app from your iPhone, a
dialog pops up and says "Would you like to review this app before
deleting?" or somesuch, giving users an opportunity to register their
complaints in a 1-5 star fashion.

I've actually seen a couple of WP plugins that seem to do something
similar -- Woopra comes readily to mind as one, as does Intense

So I guess I'm saying that the problems are not insurmountable but do
bear some special consideration prior to implementation time,
particularly in accounting for potential griefers.


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