[wp-hackers] How to number the paged comments in theme Was: Tutorial for custom Walker_Comment ?

William Canino william.canino at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 5 06:55:11 UTC 2009


I figured the first one by myself, but now I am quite stuck.

1. My theme has no nested comments, but uses <ol> instead of <ul>

How do I number the paged comments (<ol start="?"> to maintain comment
numbering. For example, if I chose 10 comments per page, the comments
at page two will start at 11. How do I get that 11?

2. I want to echo my <div class="navigation"><?php
paginate_comments_links() ?></div> only if there is actual comment
paging.  What condition should I test?  I'm stuck because
paginate_comments_links doesn't seem to support $before and $after.

Have a good evening, everyone.


P.S. Is there an automattic discussion list particularly for theme developers?

2009/11/5 William Canino <william.canino at googlemail.com>:
> After a year of procrastinating, I will begin implementing
> wp_list_comments() on a theme.
> Does anyone know any tutorial for making one's own Walker_Comment?
> Sorry if I sound so lazy.

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