[wp-hackers] Username Madness

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 17:06:58 UTC 2009

I missed a field. Here are all the fields involved:

In wp_users:

user_login - constant
user_nicename - URL safe
display_name - computed from other fields

In wp_usermeta: all are editable and optional:


So, correction:

Also, what if I want my display_name to be something different?
> You should use user_nicename instead, since that's what it's for.

You should use wp_usermeta.nickname instead of display_name.

Only nicename is guaranteed URL safe.  Also, some cultures write their
> name as 'lastname + firstname'.

As stated above, you can use wp_usermeta.nickname or a filter, and it won't
interfere with URLs either.

I don't care about the DB structure, but please don't eliminate
> the independent profile field for nickname.

Yeah, nickname won't be going anywhere.

> -1 on redefining display_name. Deprecate it, if you want. Don't redefine
> it.

The preference can be easily stored in the usermeta table.

But I'm wondering if this isn't a deliberate design choice, for better
performance - WPMU comes to mind.


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