[wp-hackers] Help with wpdb Class Errors

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Wed May 13 16:18:19 GMT 2009

The only reason you'd need it is if you were using a whole other
database, rather than a new table in your normal WP database.

Interesting problem though, as I've been working on some code that
will have multiple sites sharing one separate database. It's easy
enough to make a new $wpdb that connects to the secondary db, but I'm
worried about just the kinds of problems you're having.

Anyone know how likely that behavior is to adversely affect
performance? Does the extra mysql connection take up a lot of
resources on the db server, or is it just that Mike's wasn't
configured properly? Any suggestions on how to optimize for this
setup, or at least what MySQL settings might need to be changed to
avoid errors like the one above? (I guess whatever the 'max
connections' setting is for mysql would be a good start).

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