[wp-hackers] A portfolio/cv theme framework.

Simon Vansintjan svansintjan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 23:19:56 GMT 2009

Hey everyone,

I've just finished the workload that came with my classes for the semester,
and decided it was time I had a look at my options for the GSoC. I was
really happy when I saw Wordpress was on the organization list because I've
started getting really involved with the CMS.

I thought that the theme framework idea was something that I could build on.
Wordpress is generally recognized as a *great* blogging tool, but little
people realize it's power past this. The fact that it has been adapted to
other purposes hints that the will is there to adapt it to other types of
web publishing.

Something else that is on the rise is a person's need to have a presence on
the web. More and more people are putting personal information on the web,
using their own websites as personal CVs or portfolios. I thought it might
be great if people could use wordpress' simple user interface to maintain an
online portfolio or resume. I think having a framework that is solid and
focuses on media manipulation (for images, videos, animations, etc), and
giving the design and feel personally to the user, while not troubling with
issues of displaying their work or experience, would be a great addition to
the collection of frameworks already out there.

This would also involve looking into the way media files are currently
handled, and ensuring it integrates nicely with the current system and
future additions.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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