[wp-hackers] Re: Automatic 'updated version' detection broken

Matt Martz mdmartz at sivel.net
Mon Mar 30 15:45:12 GMT 2009

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Rich Christiansen
<warproof at warproof.com> wrote:
> Hey Matt,
> Thanks for your reply.  It's been several days now, and the blogs are not
> showing that the update is available.  Does anyone have any thoughts about
> what could be going on?
> Thanks so much! :)
> -Rich


As a test I installed an old version of the plugin in question and
forced a check for updated versions by clearing the field from the

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value='' WHERE option_name='update_plugins';

It does not show a new version although I see if in the plugin repository.

Looking at the code I noticed that the plugin has comments above the
standard plugin comments that wordpress.org uses to parse the plugin
data.  I noticed several weeks ago, which has been reported to Mark
Riley, that WordPress.org will not be able to parse the standard
plugin comments if there are other comments above it.

Not 100% sure that this is causing the problem but it very well may be.

Matt Martz
matt at sivel.net

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