[wp-hackers] Two GSoC Ideas: Default Theme Framework and Community/Event Organizing

Naa Marteki Reed marteki at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 20:35:53 GMT 2009


I'll be submitting two proposals to GSoC for WordPress, and would like the
wp-hackers community's views, suggestions, and general feedback on my ideas.



Create a default theme framework for WordPress, as suggested in the
following entry from the Codex GSoC2009 Idea

"It's been said that 2009 will be the year of the theme. Possible projects
in this area could include things like creating a new theme framework for
inclusion as a default theme, or putting together a set of plugins with a
theme framework to make use-specific packages like BuddyPress is for social
networking... projects could do the same for event planning, CMS,
education/online learning, media-based sites (using WordPress.tv as test
case), etc."

My idea is to create a default theme framework for WordPress, along with at
least three child themes:

a) one in a blog style that is traditional to WordPress,
b) one in the style of a "static" website (for when WordPress is being for
content management rather than blogging), and
c) one in a magazine style that combines elements of the blog and static
website child themes.

Each of these child themes could be directly downloaded and installed from
within the WordPress installation (probably from the options page for the
parent theme) for a user-friendly experience.

The parent and child themes would be:

a) written in semantic XHTML and CSS,
b) search-engine optimized,
c) widget-ready, and
d) (perhaps most importantly) will keep up with WordPress development.

Further child themes could also be created by members of the community.



Create a WordPress-based event organizing platform, as suggested in the
following entry from the Codex GSoC2009 Idea

"Create a suite of plugins for event planning, tie it into WordPress
MU/BuddyPress/bbPress, and create a community organizing platform for open
source release. Using WordCamp.org as the test case, the resulting site
would include functionality for registration, calendaring, additional
roles/permissions, extended profiles, directories (vendors, participants,
etc), discussion and messaging, coordination around things like carpooling
and planning meetings, event media, etc."

My idea is to create a plugin pack for WordPress MU that could be downloaded
through the Plugin Gallery in a single click. Downloading this pack would
make a variety of plugins and themes available for activation, with each
individual subplugin or theme able to be separately activated or deactivated
as needed for the individual system.

Possible child plugins and.or theme components to include are:

a) a registration plugin that modifies the basic WordPress user registration
system with the addition of various types of registrants -- planners,
attendees, vendors, etc. This plugin would also allow the modification of
permissions for different types of registrants.
b) a event fees plugin that tracks and charges different fees for different
registrant types -- no fees, attendee registration fees, vendor table
reservation fees, etc. This plugin is dependent on child plugin A, the
registration plugin, and would include an e-commerce element.
c) BuddyPress. Various components of which can be used for social networking
(extended profiles, interest groups, group discussion forums, friends,
private messaging, etc.). Examples of group discussion forums include
private forum for event planners and public ones for organizing carpools
from a specific area.
d) a calendar feature that allows for event deadlines, as well as a schedule
for the days of the actual event
e) automatically generated directories for planners, vendors, participants,
etc. These directories would be themeable through a page template.
f) a page template for event media and press information, with the ability
to add logos and PR contact information.

Due to the larger scope of this project, I suspect that there will not be
enough time to implement all of the possible child plugins during the time
constraints of the Summer of Code. If this is so, my initial inclination to
give preference to child plugins A, B, and D for registration roles,
registration fees, and calendaring.

In addition, I would like to include bbPress as a possible child plugin in
the base plugin pack installation for publicly accessible discussion
forum(s) about events, but I need to do more exploration into whether
bbPress can be integrated into a WordPress MU installation through the
Plugin Gallery. (I suspect not, but need to research further whether it is
possible, whether it is even desired, or if there are already plans to do


Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your comments,

Naa Marteki Reed
E-mail: marteki at gmail.com
Web: http://www.marteki.com

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