[wp-hackers] Broken registration emails.

Jon Mihkkal Inga lilla.molnet at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 18:43:36 GMT 2009

Dunno if it was just my distribution, but WP 2.7.1 was not sending any email
to new users as I registered them.
I tracked this down to line 167 in wp-admin/includes/user.php:

    if ( $update ) {
        $user_id = wp_update_user( get_object_vars( $user ));
    } else {
        $user_id = wp_insert_user( get_object_vars( $user ));
167>    wp_new_user_notification( $user_id );

Seems this should be wp_new_user_notification( $user_id, $pass1 );

Also, i found that wp_new_user_notification($user_id, $plaintext_pass = '') was
only sending to admin because the function will return before sending to the
new user if it is not supplied a $plaintext_pass. Some error handling should
be inserted here.

Should I post to trac?


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