[wp-hackers] Calling WordPress functions on a non-WordPress page

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Thu Mar 19 20:25:58 GMT 2009

You probably need to put a .htaccess file in that directory that tells 
Apache that the default for mysite.com/test/ is to visit the index.php 
file. That's not necessarily standard. It is probably looking for an 
index.htm or index.html file, not index.php, hence the 404 error.

Having not looked into it fully, I'm not sure exactly what the 
.htaccess syntax would be for that, but maybe that gives you something 
to go on?


Sudar Muthu wrote:
> I have this code in a file called index.php inside a directory (say test)
> If I enter the full url http://mysite.com/test/index.php then I get 200
> status code. But if I enter only the folder http://mysite/test/ I get the
> page content by with the status code 404.

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