[wp-hackers] grepping for relevant functions/lines

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Mar 16 12:42:56 GMT 2009

Look at wp-includes/http.php and there are a couple of deprecated 
functions[1] in wp-includes/functions.php.

Jacob Santos

[1] Well, they are not really deprecated, since their purpose isn't 
obsolete, but they shouldn't be used, if at all possible.

Maggi Federico wrote:
> Hello List,
>     I know WP a little bit but not so well to avoid asking for hints 
> here.
> For research purposes, I am surveying code repositories of the top 10 
> web applications using a modified version of StatSVN. Of course, WP is 
> the 1st!
> Basically, I need to track source changes, over releases, in terms of 
> "Lines of Code (LOC) matching a certain regexp".
> The functions/lines I am interested in are those somehow involved in 
> handling HTTP request/session/response parameters. Of course, I allow 
> a certain roughness in the analysis.
> I am trying to build a list of such functions/lines. What would you 
> suggest to include? What would you grep for if you want to estimate 
> the functions that are, even indirectly, related to processing of HTTP 
> requests/sessions/responses?
> Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers,
> -- Federico
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