[wp-hackers] Inclusion of TimThumb -- anyone game?

aesqe aesqe at skyphe.org
Thu Mar 5 20:41:01 GMT 2009

call me crazy, but i've never been one for image resizing on the fly :)

you can easily add more image sizes via a plugin or functions.php and 
specify whether images get cropped to that size or not.
now, that does leave you with a few more files per uploaded image which 
might fill your web space somewhat faster, but there certainly are ways 
to deal with that (circumventing the creation of _all_ sizes for _all_ 
files, that is).

for cropping on the fly when an image is uploaded, scissors plugin works 
like a charm.

i understand that these features aren't at the reach of an everyday 
user's fingertips in form of some built-in function, but i'd rather 
leave these things to plugins and themes than have them in core.

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