[wp-hackers] Single Sign-on

Jason Webster jason at intraffic.net
Tue Mar 3 16:42:24 GMT 2009

That is also not difficult:

RewriteRule ^wp-login.php$ /my/login/url [QSA,PT,L]

As far as "pushing" users and making sure two different databases are in sync, it's _much_ easier 
just to force one of the applications to use the others user database.

In this case, just have the two share a wp-style users table, the same way you can with multiple 
installs. That is, by defining the CUSTOM_USER_TABLE CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE constants.

On 02/03/2009 5:54 PM, Pamela Dingle wrote:
> Creating the cookies is the easy part.  The more interesting things will be
> redirecting login attempts at your blog to the authoritative system, while
> remembering where the user was in the blog so you can take them back,  as
> well as pushing new users into wordpress when they are created at the
> authoritative system.  Some of this can be avoided if you can expect that
> the user will always visit the authoritative app before they hit the blog.
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