[wp-hackers] Good tools for deployment.

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Tue Mar 3 04:50:56 GMT 2009

The reason to use Subversion is that it is faster, safer, and can be 
automatic without need for direct WordPress support. Also, I've been 
moving plugins to Subversion as well, as an external, this means that 
plugins can be upgraded as well.

The goal is to make the upgrade process as seamless and quick as 
possible. A SVN update does not require updating files which have no 
changed and even those that changed, it only downloads the changes that 
have occurred with each version. Therefore, I mean, by moving to a 
strictly Subversion checkout for both core and Plugins, I bypass the 
need for the automatic upgrades.

The only issues I have is that it is hella pain-in-the-ass moving the 
wp-content directory. Don't get me wrong, it is extremely easy to do it 
in WordPress, it is just that testing is a pain in the ass. Having to 
explain the exact defines that are required and everything is a little 
extreme. Besides that, once it is set up, it is super sweet.

Jacob Santos

Kim Parsell wrote:
> Why not just use the built-in auto-upgrade feature in 2.7?
> I've got eight WordPress installs scattered over different 
> accounts/servers. When 2.7.1 came out, it took me about 15 minutes to 
> update all of them using the auto-upgrade feature.
> Kim
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> Alex Polite wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 02, 2009 at 07:28:22AM -0600, Stephen Rider wrote:
>>> You might like Virtual Multiblog.
>>> Run separate WordPress sites/blogs off of a single set of files:
>>> http://striderweb.com/nerdaphernalia/features/virtual-multiblog/
>> Interesting. I forgot to say that theese sites are on different
>> webhosts/accounts, so Virtual Multiblog is probably not for me.
>> alex
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