[wp-hackers] MediaRSS plugin in Core

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 23:53:40 GMT 2009

2009/1/30 Nathan Rice <ncrice at gmail.com>

> Joost,
> Fair enough.  Although in terms of SEO, one would think that having the
> <title> and <h1> match is optimal, no?
> And I agree about the custom meta description. Although, again, it's fairly
> easy to get your meta description to display your post excerpt without
> confusing users with yet another field to fill in when publishing a post.
> But like you said, if no one is proposing it, then I certainly won't try to
> start and argument :-)

There are loads of reasons someone may not want the title and <h1> to match,
and even more reasons why the post excerpt should not be used for the meta

For example, I use the excerpt for everything except the single post, as an
introduction, summary, abstract or synopsis, depending on the site This
means the excerpt is usually too long for meta description (which I prefer
to write manually anyway).

The problem with trying to automate everything is that while this may suit
some users, it can really impact on other users sites. Having the ability to
add metadata for description and keywords would be nice, but Headspace does
that nicely for me now.

IMO, WordPress does a good job of being close enough to all things to all
people only as long as the core is kept lean and plugin developers stay
active. This propensity to add popular plugins to the core, without any real
idea of just how many people really want them in the core, is a dangerous
road to take. Far too easy to end up with a bloated core that contains a lot
of functionality people don't want. (Just my 0.02c ;))


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