[wp-hackers] A strange problem with wpmu-1.3.3

technocraze technocraze at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 07:48:33 GMT 2009


I have been customising wordpress-1.3.3 and i am facing a strange problem..

When i upload an image file, the file is getting uploaded, but is not 
displayed..  i tried the file url in a new browser and what i could see 
is just the filename displayed in firefox, while in IE nothing displayed.

I checked with blogs.php in wp-content dir, and echoed some statement.. 
the control goes fine, and the file size is also correct.. 

When i commented the following line,  the image content displayed as 
junk characters, which indicates that the file is actually red and sent 
to the browser..
@header( 'Content-type: ' . $mimetype ); // always send this

Could not find out the problem..

The same problem does not appear, when i installed a fresh copy of 1.3.3 


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