[wp-hackers] Posterous (post-by-e-mail with photo attachments)

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 13:06:08 GMT 2009

The problem with demand is that people don't necessarily add to the
extend/ideas and just look for another tool to do the job. Photoblogging
does appear to be becoming more popular and I think extending the
blog-by-email to include image support would be fantastic.

To make it even more attractive just include the ability to add (manually)
geotagging in the meta data - this is something that is starting to become
quite important to those who are serious about their photography and I am
not sure if its available with any other blogging platform yet.

Ozh, I saw your post about Posterous and went off to look at what it offers.
Frankly, the site itself didn't inspire enough confidence for me to want to
entrust it with my data. It's a cool idea but I am probably not the only one
who is reluctant to use it until it reaches greater maturity and builds
confidence that it will stick around. Services like that seem to come and go
so frequently - safer to stick to Flickr (even though its a pain to


2009/1/13 Ozh <ozh at planetozh.com>

> I'm not sure there is actually a real demand for this (it seems that
> Posterous for instance is not really taking of, and I dont remember seeing
> this topic a lot on wp.org/extend/ideas, for what it's worth) but it would
> be indeed very cool.

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