[wp-hackers] Posterous (post-by-e-mail with photo attachments)

Gaarai gaarai at gaarai.com
Mon Jan 12 12:55:11 GMT 2009

A number of months ago, I started to build a replacement for the 
built-in blog-by-email functionality. It has the ability to turn a 
complete HTML email into a post, complete with images. I got busy with 
other projects and never got back around to putting the polish on it.

It doesn't do video and audio, but I do think adding audio support 
wouldn't be too difficult.

Video however is a different story as 1) most email accounts that people 
would use wouldn't allow for very large attachments and 2) turning that 
video into a format that could easily be displayed on a variety of 
platforms and browsers successfully would more or less require some type 
of trans coder or Flash wrapper. Installing such a trans coder is 
something that most people are not capable of doing even if their host 
would give them the ability to install such software and use the amount 
of resources required. A Flash wrapper could work, but would limit the 
supported video formats and I have no idea on how to create such a Flash 

If you're interested in seeing what I have, drop me a line and I can 
send you a zip file. Maybe you can help give me suggestions to make it 

Chris Jean

Jeremy Visser wrote:
> Has anybody else seen Posterous? http://www.posterous.com/
> It's a really nice-looking blog-by-e-mail service, much the same as
> WordPress' blog-by-e-mail functionality, except several times as cool.
> What I like the look of the most is the fact that Posterous accepts
> photo, video, and audio attachments, and lets you really easily start up
> a photolog with just about zero effort.
> I think WordPress could learn a thing or two by that. Just read on the
> Codex:
>         Posting by email does not support attachments and any
>         attachments sent with the email will appear in their raw form in
>         the blog post.
>                 -- http://codex.wordpress.org/Blog_by_Email
> I reckon adding photo attachment support for blog-by-e-mail would be an
> absolute killer for photologgers using WordPress.
> Maybe even some syntax could be parsed for entering attachment metadata
> at the end of an e-mail, like:
> == IMG_001.JPG ==
> This is a picture of my dog. It will be used as the description of the
> file "IMG_001.JPG" attached to this e-mail.
> == IMG_002.JPG ==
> Et cetera! Et cetera!

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