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Your list is very helpful but can I please ask for clarification on this point?

  * Work with the project philosophy not against it

What is this project's philosophy and are there recent examples of going against it?  I ask merely so I can understand and avoid...

-Mike Schinkel

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Subject: [wp-hackers] Improving the mailing list. (Was Auto Update Plugins)

Hi All,

I wanted to change the subject of this thread to better reflect the  
current discussion.

I think what this mailing list needs to do is to try and follow the  
follow list of ideals (intentionally not complete):

  * Focus on the technical aspects in the discussion.
  * Think about the users - not just what you think is right - It is  
very hard for a developer to understand the end-users viewpoint.
  * Address real world problems
  * Provide examples - if there is something you think you can't do  
shows us what you have tried to do, shows the plugin/core code you  
have written that you can't get to work.
  * Try to avoid arriving with a just a solution.  You need to be able  
to express the end-user issue as well as the reasoning as to why the  
solution you propose matches it best.
  * Work with the project philosophy not against it
  * Release early, release often - If you have an idea that you think  
is core worthy raise a trac ticket write a simple patch which  
demonstrates the solution
  * Avoid bikesheding

You friendly core committer, patches always welcome.

Peter Westwood
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