[wp-hackers] Auto Update Plugins

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Fri Feb 20 20:22:43 GMT 2009

I'm sorry if I caused some of the problem.  I was simply trying to offer a
relatively simple solution to a problem that I see with my plugins.

I certainly would hate to see this list atrophy and/or die.  I have been
largely a lurker but read it consistently and it has been an invaluable
resource for me in developing plugins, themes and sites using WP.

If I said/did something that caused this exodus, I'm deeply sorry.

> From: Stefano Aglietti <steagl4ml at gmail.com>
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> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 19:41:12 +0100
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> On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 13:16:49 -0500, "Michael E. Hancock"
> <justmichaelh at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So without blathering endlessly, let me thank dd32 and Viper for their
>> contributions to this list.  You've been amazing!  To the other great
>> contributors, thank you.  You do the community proud, and no price can be
>> put on the value of what you provide the rest of us.
> +100... i thnak that guys too they were really supportivre and they
> post were always helping when there were seriously tech question.
> I Invite all people of the list to help not make this list die, how?
> Just ignoring and not arguing too much with people that arrive here
> with idea that are for Ideas section in wp.org. Keeping the noise low
> will make unusefull thread to selfdie and annoying people leave early.
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