[wp-hackers] stop HTTP requests made behind one's back

Jason Webster jason at intraffic.net
Wed Feb 18 05:25:37 GMT 2009

Curl has some fairly painless proxy support, but it is, sadly, php 5+ only.
What are the requirements for the curl HTTP adapter, as of right now?

But, Doug, if PHP5 is feasible for your client/project, it would be possible to adapt the current 
implementation to use a proxy.

On 17/02/2009 8:41 PM, Jacob Santos wrote:
> Yeah, you know, I could have spent another week or two implementing
> proxy support, but I'm just like, "You know, those people probably
> amount to only a small fraction of the users, so why should I waste my
> time?" That and the fact that I don't tend to cut myself, unless I've
> done something socially awkward. From the complaining of other
> developers about the pain and suffering of implementing proxy support,
> I'll keep away from it.
> That said, there is nothing preventing you (either of you or anyone else
> with ability to do so) from creating a patch that adds proper proxy
> support. If you do it well enough, I might send you a gift (disclaimer:
> I'm not going to send you a gift) and you'll have my gratitude (that is
> free and has not monetary redeemable value).
> It serves no purpose for me, which is the most important reason why I
> didn't implement it nor will I implement it in the future. I do not host
> WordPress behind a proxy, therefore well, it would be impossible for me
> to develop a solution anyway, because I would fail to be able to test
> whether or not it works (for that proxy and version).
> So I mean, those fraction of users whose host has screwed them will
> appreciate it. There there are you two.
> Jacob Santos

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