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Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Tue Feb 10 17:51:07 GMT 2009

Interesting. I know this is off-topic, and it'd be great to take off the list, but what's wrong with the example that was given? It looks quite good to me (me who knows little about typography.)

-Mike Schinkel

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Bill Hill's site is a giant pile of rubbish. I'm trying to find the  
Typophile.com thread where we tear it apart, but to no avail. That  
website was created by someone who knows nothing of web design.

Bill Hill is a great guy, I saw him speak at Typecon 2007 and he was  
very into what he was speaking about. He understands the principles of  
how the human eye/brain work together to read, not necessarily how to  
put them into proper blocks of elegant and readable typography.

Great guy, and an asset to the type community, but his site is a pile.

-Dan Gayle
Type Designer

>> check http://www.billhillsite.com/standardsp1.htm for an example of  
>> a readable webpage
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