[wp-hackers] More finely-grained permissions

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Fri Feb 6 18:08:36 GMT 2009

> Thereis a plugin that do this:
Thank you Stefano. I didn't know that plugin. Unfortunately it doesn't 
solve the issue, because if you assign a post/page to a specific group, 
it won't be "publicly readable" for anonymous users who visit the 
website. You need to log in in order to see that post. Also, you need to 
patch a couple of core files in order to make it work. What I have in 
mind is slightly different: assign a group to each post (as done by this 
plugin) but keep them publicly available. In other words, I don't want 
to limit the readability of a post, but its "writeability" by given 
group(s) of users.

This is a typical scenario in each medium/large organization using a CMS 
to manager their website: department A should be allowed to edit only 
pages/posts for which they are in charge, and have no rights to edit 
pages&posts belonging to department B. Nonetheless all these pages/posts 
should be available to the public with no authentication. Hope I made it 
a little clearer what I have in mind :)


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