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Stefano Aglietti steagl4ml at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 16:09:36 GMT 2009

On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 09:57:36 -0500, Dino Termini
<dino at duechiacchiere.it> wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>I see there is a big momentum in this list about new features, so I'd 
>like to add my 2 cents. It would be nice to have a more finely-grained 
>permission system, allowing admins to associate priviledges on a 
>per-page/post basis. In other words, here is the scenario I have in mind:
>- you have a post whose owner is "user01"
>- you have other 2 users (user02, user03) in wordpress
>I would like to be able to give ONLY user01 (the owner) and user02 a 
>"write access" to that post, while user03 shouldn't be allowed to modify 
>it (read-only). As far as I know, there are no plugins to do this. Role 
>Manager is kinda complicated, and does not allow to do what I have in mind.

Thereis a plugin that do this:


||With the "User Access Manager"-plugin you can manage the access to your
||posts, pages and files. You only create a user group, put registered users
||to this and set up the rights for this group. From now on the post/page
||is only accessible for the specified group. This plugin is useful if you
||need a member area or a private section at your blog.


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