[wp-hackers] What Is Considered Bloat?

Charles E. Frees-Melvin charles at cefm.ca
Thu Feb 5 02:38:36 GMT 2009

One bloat I find Is the many importers for everything. I think this should 
be a plugin(or module) that comes with WordPress and in on by default to 
allow you to delete it on mass or keep it like Hello Dolly/Akismat. Lets 
face it 99% of the time besides after the original install in is not really 
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> Eric Marden wrote:
>> Anything not absolutely necessary for WordPress to complete its mission 
>> of being the best blogging platform on the planet is considered bloat.
> I would just like to point out that while the people who choose what gets 
> committed to the official WP repository may not be open to adding your 
> favorite feature to WP core, they usually will be open to the idea of 
> adding a hook so your favorite feature will integrate well with WP without 
> you having to branch your own version. (At least, that's been my 
> experience.) Isn't that good enough?
> I think the core features of WP are a pretty good subset of what most 
> people need for blogging and basic web site CMS, and while I can think of 
> a few plugins I might wish were in core, others would probably have a 
> different list -- so probably the feature set is more or less right.
> So I would amend Eric's statement to say "to complete its mission of being 
> the best *extensible* blogging platform".  I don't think that is a bad 
> thing.
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