[wp-hackers] Proposal: Twitter Support in Core

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Wed Feb 4 20:34:47 GMT 2009

"Jeremy Clarke" <jer-wphackers at simianuprising.com> wrote:
> This whole conversation is pretty insane if you didn't 
> know about the Codex and its purpose, 

I *know* about the Codex. I've read it many times and have my bookmarks to key pages. And I've quoted it for others several times on this list.

I however have always felt it was discombobulated, and never knew it was a wiki.

I also guess I struggle with the branding; I mean what the heck does "Codex" mean?  Why not just "Docs" on WordPress.org?  The name is probably the most confusing part about it because unless you know what it means you don't know what it means. Jakob Nielsen would not approve.  But I'm sure those who've been with WordPress for years have an emotional attachment to the name so I wouldn't propose changing its name for fear of starting a firestorm.

-Mike Schinkel

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