[wp-hackers] Re: Translation problems after automatic plugin upgrade

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Mon Feb 2 23:47:22 GMT 2009

"pretty standard" ..Nothing is ever pretty standard, Its a PITA, but
quite often a "standard" setup might include a library which has a
small bug in it.. or a combination of items cause a problem.. Its rare
for 2 peoples setups to be identical.. Which causes problems.

I'll do some testing next chance i get to make sure the binary switch
is working correctly.. It could be that one of the FTP methods is not
handling it correctly (Theres 3 different ways WordPress can connect
via FTP to the local host, Standards again, You need the
5(FTP+Direct+SSH) different ways to connect to everyones servers..)

2009/2/3 Derek Hogue <derek at amphibian.info>:
> DD32,
> Looks like one user who had this problem under 2.6 has *not* had it
> reoccur under 2.7 - so that's good news.  However, another user is
> *still* having this problem under 2.7.  He's running a pretty standard
> setup - Linux box, PHP 5.2.
> I haven't gotten many reports of this, and the plugin is currently
> translated into about 8 languages, so I can only conclude that this is
> an edge-case problem, especially under 2.7.
> Derek

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