[wp-hackers] Sandbox in WP Core?

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Mon Feb 2 18:23:22 GMT 2009

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Jennifer Hodgdon <yahgrp at poplarware.com> wrote:
> Jeremy Clarke wrote:
>> This is kind of obvious but just in case people haven't thought of it:
>> If you can't find a given "tag" in the plugin/theme repositories try
>> going to any random tag and just changing the url to a tag you wish
>> existed.
> Yes, I figured that out. But what if you want to find themes that have both
> "red" and "two column" tags? And do you think a non-technical person would
> know how to make a URL with a two-word tag like "two column", or would even
> think about changing the URL from one tag to another, or would know what the
> list of tags was in the first place? I found it under "more info", but it's
> not obvious, and the list of tags there isn't even links (that would be a
> good first step).

I agree with this entirely. My recommendation was for frustrated
wp-hackers. The repos won't be end-user ready until they have working
search, which will fix almost everything, and the limitations of the
current tag system are another big frustration given that search is
still broken. Plz fix ;)

Jeremy Clarke
Code and Design | globalvoicesonline.org

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