[wp-hackers] Sandbox in WP Core?

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Mon Feb 2 06:58:01 GMT 2009

2009/2/2 Jason DeVelvis <sales at emailappeal.com>:
> How far along are you, DD32? I still have the plugin code I did, everything
> up to the theme download. (Though, I'm getting a .zip file error when it
> goes to download the theme last I checked... I'm assuming you're not done
> with the API part?)

Thats the easy part.. For me at least.. Theres some code on the trac
ticket (The number escapes me right now) which does install fine, It
just looks butt-ugly and doesnt have anything near the final UI i'm
dreaming of, or the functionality to search/filter the way i want.. or
even a hint at that.. Its basically the plugin installer all over
again right now..

The problem is having enough time to sit down and design the UI and
put it into practive.. Originally some UI mockup wireframes were going
to be made for the new theme installer & Widgets, and hopefully, it'd
apply to the plugin installer too.. But.. I've heard nothing in the
last month.. So no idea whats happening there.

As for the API, Return structure should be pretty good atm.. I havnt
really looked at it this month though. The actual data-in part to
define what is to be spat out however... really wasnt implemented in
the least at that point in time.. It might've been done though.. (I'm
not writing it, just giving feedback on what needs to be there, and
what would be nice to pass in - Someone much more capable with the
themes directory is doing that)

2009/2/2 Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com>:
> Yeah, but it'd be lost in the massive number of themes.

I somewhat don't think it will.. I have a feeling the search
functionality for themes will be much better than what we see for
plugins at present, Themes can be based off tags & characteristics, As
soon as you add 2 or more tags to a filter on the themes directory,
you've got a very small handful of themes which fit the criteria..

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