[wp-hackers] XMAS greetings and a Thank You

Robert Schilt (schi.lt) r at schi.lt
Tue Dec 22 10:21:31 UTC 2009

This might not be the appropriate medium to say what I'm about to say
nevertheless I'm going to proceed to type regardless.

I've been blogging for the past 5 years - the last two on the WP
platform. Something about WP that just "pulls" a man in - certainly this
here bloke. The deeper I dig and play the more I realise and learn about
the depth, flexibility, and the robustness of WP as a means to develop
and deliver an experience to both author and visitor. The deeper I delve
into the mechanics and structure of WP the more I realise that I am only
scratching the surface.

But above all else I have grown to admire and deeply appreciate the
contribution and efforts by core and plugin developers alike. As with
all Open Source endeavours - the product is only as strong and dynamic
as the community which surround it. Wordpress has an incredibly loyal,
vibrant and growing user/developer base. And over the past two months -
since joining this list - I can now vouch for intelligence, depth and
insight of those that "participate" and "give".

To those that "give"... I would like to take this opportunity to thank
you and wish you all the very best to you and families over the festive
season. May all your xmas's come at once and may 2010 be a ripper for
mighty and the meek. Joy, peace and safety to all.

(all the way from Papua New Guinea)


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