[wp-hackers] Comment and Login form template functions

Beau Lebens beau at dentedreality.com.au
Mon Dec 21 20:29:24 UTC 2009

Howdy Hackers,

Just wanted to throw these 2 tickets up in the air again to see if I
could get any input/comments on them now that 2.9 is out in the wild,
and hopefully some folks to check out "new functionality" again (not
that this really adds new stuff, just makes the current stuff easier
to work with).

Login form template function:
http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/11172 -- intended to allow
themers to drop a login form anywhere with a simple function call.
Currently does *not* replace the form on wp-login.php, although the
HTML is based pretty closely on that. We could replace that form as
well I guess if people wanted to do that?

Commenting form: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/10910 -- this
is the one I'm more excited about. Hopefully provides themers with
enough hooks and filters to be able to quickly and easily add a
standardized commenting form to their comments sections without having
to manually reproduce the entire thing every time.

Cheers, and happy happy hannukawanzamas and all that :)


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