[wp-hackers] Proposing WP Flavours (various WordPress forks) (Jean-Patrick Smith)

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sat Dec 19 00:29:17 UTC 2009

On Dec 18, 2009, at 6:21 PM, Dave R wrote:

> So what's better: Core architecture but inadequate functionality for  
> a true
> CMS.
> Or "breaking" core architecture but delivering true CMS capabilities?
> Worthy of discussion me thinks.

If you want Drupal-like functionality, then just use Drupal. I  
personally don't want or need a GUI to create "CMS" functionality in  
WordPress - I can exploit the existing APIs to create all the custom  
post types I need. In fact I said as much when I spoke about this at  
WordCamp Orlando. Having built or worked on some of the biggest Drupal  
sites on the planet, I can attest to the flaws in that type of  
architecture for performance and manageable development. WordPress's  
custom post type APIs are still evolving and will be getting much  
better in the future, but they are still plenty capable in my opinion  
with out boxing in the types of solutions I can create with them.

Either way, use Pods or Flutter if it floats your boat, but after  
using both of them on a couple of projects I can tell you that in my  
professional opinion its a rabbit hole I don't want to go down again.  
This debate already raged on the list before, and I don't mean to fan  
this flame any further. Just don't expect a lot of traction for any  
kind of Drupal-like CCK/Views/Panels/Blocks in core anytime soon.

- Eric Marden
tw: @xentek

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