[wp-hackers] Database structure Wordpress

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 09:54:48 UTC 2009

> Why not update the sql tables names when creating a new page type? i.e. we
> create a new post/page type titled "cars"...why not create a new database
> table entitled cars with all default fields in there. Custom fields would
> simple add a new Field/Column into that table. in this way we would have an
> extremly clean database design, which other applications can tap into easily
> as well. This would result in a high performance database layout and offer a
> great new way to design flexible, scalable applications.

Unless you have 100.000s of posts for each post type, I don't see the
benefit of this.

If you truly need to have a separate table for each post type, I believe you
can do this in a plugin without great effort. In WP 2.9, the meta tables can
be easily manipulated with the new metadata API.


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