[wp-hackers] Database structure Wordpress

Florian Woegerer nexflo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 01:31:16 UTC 2009

The Database structure of Wordpress should be rethought if Wordpress is going to move to a more and more CMS's based system. (last week's CMS Award seems that this is indeed the case)

In times of PDO, Doctrine etc. creating a sweet Database layout shouldnt be the biggest issue no more?

Why not update the sql tables names when creating a new page type? i.e. we create a new post/page type titled "cars"...why not create a new database table entitled cars with all default fields in there. Custom fields would simple add a new Field/Column into that table. in this way we would have an extremly clean database design, which other applications can tap into easily as well. This would result in a high performance database layout and offer a great new way to design flexible, scalable applications.

The benefit would be extremely great too all powerusers/cms users etc. and normal "blog" users wouldn't feel a thing as for them nothing changes. (sure the huge amount of plugins would need a wrapper till things are updated)

Wordpress doesn't get bloated, but just more mature.
Using convention over configuration would allows wordpress to tap into existing databases which have an incremental id and use that data instantly. (if the database layout fits a certain style and some additional fields (published, author etc. are added)

would love to hear some thoughts on this

Thanks Florian

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