[wp-hackers] Comment Moderation limited to the Post Author (multi-author)

Jared Bangs jaredbangs at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 07:02:06 GMT 2009

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Daniel Cameron <dan at sproutventure.com> wrote:
> Anyone have recommendations on how limit comment moderation to the post
> author?
> Basically, we will have a post that only the author could manage
> comments. With the type of site we're creating there will be hundreds of
> authors with a single post attributed to them, they should be able to edit
> the comments but no-one else's (ofcourse).
> note: The contributer level will not work (by default) since s/he could then
> edit every comment within the install.
> What I've thought about doing:
>   - Post meta fieds, large development process to copy the comment
>   management from core.
>   - WPMU, it's my last resort because of development issues.
>   - Disqus, they allow for multiple embeds on the same domain but the user
>   will need to sign up for a separate service.
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Seems like a plugin should be able to handle this fairly easily, but
maybe you could clarify where the existing roles give too much or too
little permission, and what the middle ground is.

In my quick testing (this is on MU, so maybe that's the difference),
Contributors can't edit comments at all, but Authors can edit comments
only for their own (personally created) posts. In other words, author1
can edit comments on a post by author1, but author2 cannot edit
comments on that post.

Since that situation is what it sounds like you're asking for, maybe
you could clarify the differences?

- Jared

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