[wp-hackers] Comment Moderation limited to the Post Author (multi-author)

Daniel Cameron dan at sproutventure.com
Mon Apr 27 05:41:42 GMT 2009

Anyone have recommendations on how limit comment moderation to the post
Basically, we will have a post that only the author could manage
comments. With the type of site we're creating there will be hundreds of
authors with a single post attributed to them, they should be able to edit
the comments but no-one else's (ofcourse).

note: The contributer level will not work (by default) since s/he could then
edit every comment within the install.

What I've thought about doing:

   - Post meta fieds, large development process to copy the comment
   management from core.
   - WPMU, it's my last resort because of development issues.
   - Disqus, they allow for multiple embeds on the same domain but the user
   will need to sign up for a separate service.

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