[wp-hackers] 24-hour has-patch marathon TODAY

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Thu Apr 16 17:45:29 GMT 2009

"Matt Martz" <mdmartz at sivel.net> said:
> Start making the community better by helping out without 
> having to be asked to help out.  

When we try, we often get told our ideas are stupid, and when we submit patches they often get turned down w/o discussing better ways to address the issue the patch was submitted to address.

It takes effort from both sides.

-Mike Schinkel
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On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Silverstein, Jesse
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> I think what a few of us are trying to say is, while it was posted on
> the blog, if Core Devs expect any assistance from the specific group of
> wp-hackers mailing list subscribers, the advanced warning should have
> been given _to the wp-hackers mailing list_ as well as on the blog. I
> myself would have loved to participate in the marathon, but I needed
> advanced warning to shuffle work around to make time for it, and I
> didn't (until this incident) subscribe to the dev blog.

Day in and day out all I see on this list are people whining about
this or whining about that.

You don't need a patch marathon or bug hunt to be official to submit a
patch, provide feedback or help clean up Trac.  Numerous people spend
large portions of their free time every day submitting bugs and
patches for WordPress and keeping Trac active and up to date with
current information.  I spend over 40 hours a week of my "free" time
giving to the WordPress community.  Those who report bugs, submit
patches, write plugins, help on the WordPress lists and in the
WordPress IRC channel are who make this community great.

Could any of you who are complaining about the short notice be doing
this?  Why yes you could.  Instead you are going to complain that you
weren't given enough notice that there was going to be a patch
marathon.  You complain because you want to make it seem as though you
would do the community a great service but cannot because the
community and those behind WordPress make it too difficult or
inconvenient for you to do so.

Start making the community better by helping out without having to be
asked to help out.  Don't make it seem like others are preventing you
from helping out because they don't give you enough notice that they
want your help.  This bug hunt is 24-25 hours long.  Go home tonight
after work and help, stay up an extra hour before going to sleep and
help, spend your lunch break tomorrow giving to the community.  Make
the community better by starting with yourself.

Matt Martz
matt at sivel.net
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