[wp-hackers] Any way to bypass $wp->query_posts()?

Nathan Rice ncrice at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 04:21:21 GMT 2009

I have a lot of respect for Otto and what he does for the community. I mean
a LOT of respect.

With that said, in this case, and in many others, he does routinely cross
over from "strong but polite disagreement" to "insulting ridicule".

Personally, if I asked HOW to do something, I wouldn't typically expect to
be told how stupid I was for wanting to do that particular something. If you
know how to do it, just tell me how, and move on. This thread is 30+ emails
long, and he still doesn't have an answer. You've spent more time arguing
about the "why" than it would have taken to just tell him the "how".

Just my $0.02

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On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:54 PM, Mike Schinkel <mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
> wrote:

> > you adopt some holier-than-thou tone and tell people,
> > who are trying in good faith to contribute to a discussion,
> > why they are idiots.
> ,
> I argued my case for my needs, based on my development experience; I never
> claimed anyone was an idiot and I resent that you state that.
> OTOH, you argued repeatedly against my requests even though you never
> explained how meeting my requests could affect you negatively in the least.
> > Do you have any idea how insulting that sounds? Helpful hint
> > for the  future: if you want people to take you seriously,
> > don't treat them like misbehaving three year olds.
> Do you have any idea how insulting it is to be told in the same email that
> "None of the scenarios you present make the slightest bit of sense", "The
> solution you proposed, frankly, sucks" and "Your idea simply makes no
> reasonable sense?"  If you want to reduce the insult level here my helpful
> hint to you is to not choose to ignore the insults that come from those who
> you agree with and attack those whose opinions you don't agree with.  I'm
> happy to be completely respectful, but only when respect is afforded me as
> well.
> -Mike Schinkel
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