[wp-hackers] Any way to bypass $wp->query_posts()?

Silverstein, Jesse Jesse.Silverstein at xerox.com
Thu Apr 9 18:23:58 GMT 2009

Although I'm not sure loading most of WordPress without the Query is the
best of ideas, I do see a few outlying cases where it would be
preferential to do that. More common, at least from my perspective, is a
plugin linking to a specific page inside its own plugins folder that
doesn't need any of WordPress except access to the same database, and
the table_prefix. It would be beneficial, in some cases, to be able to
load the database globals without also loading wp-settings (where about
a trillion other things get auto-loaded). That said, I'm not entirely
sure how to accomplish that. Perhaps a $please_dont_load_settings =
true; before the include, or something. That's incredibly hack-ish, but
I don't have any other bright ideas at the moment.

-Jesse Silverstein

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