[wp-hackers] Re: wp-hackers Digest, Vol 51, Issue 23

baker god.dreams at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 14:41:27 GMT 2009

I, too am following this thread. I had to talk to a developer better than I
for his opinion on the matter and we came to the conclusion that seems about
standard in all web development:
"It depends."

 And from what I'm reading, you both are basically agreeing - there are
situations where one would be better than the other. htaccess if you can
hard code it, php if you need your programming logic accounted for, and like
was mentioned, if for some reason you can't access the htaccess file.

It's a lot of "this could be" or "that could be" and no real "yes, this is
the way, all the time."

Regardless, I enjoyed following :)

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2009/4/9 SoJ Web <sojweb at indiana.edu>:
> > You said you don't understand the pushback for this issue. Well, here you
> > go. No one seems to be experiencing whatever issues you are. If all you
> have
> > to do is add an if statement, go for it.
> Sorry to interrupt, but this thread is one I follow with great
> interest, since I spent days fighting with the same issues (basically
> WP assuming everything is post/page, mostly in Permalink management)
> for zeList, a directory plugin for WP. That's actually the main reason
> with zeList is "on hold" and not actively released.
> Since Mike Schinkel is expressing the same points, but with a much
> more correct (as in english speaking) and much more polite (as in "I'm
> fed up working with non hookables chains of functions") way, I'll just
> continue to follow the thread, and hope for a resolution.
> Malaiac

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