[wp-hackers] wpmu / adding users/sites/any other admin

Alan Castonguay alan at verselogic.net
Mon Apr 6 21:13:44 GMT 2009

> Alan, how about "gaping pits of hell"?
heh. =)

As noted, there's a lot of configurables in the Wordpress admin  
interface that are not exposed by either xmlrpc or atompub. The xmlrpc  
function "wp_getAuthors" will provide user_id, user_login,  
display_name, but there is no method to Edit existing user/usermeta,  
Register new users, or Delete existing ones.

The only fleshed out implementation of user management via atompub  
that I'm aware of is Google's GDATA API for Provisioning on Google  
Apps (for Premier and Education Edition). This seems well thought out,  
and at least some of the decisions can be borrowed.


Gallery3's API is supposed to provide user registration and editing: http://codex.gallery2.org/Gallery3:API:REST
Second Life's API supports user registration: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Registration_API

A proper implementation has to start somewhere. So, what thinks people  
of creating the following endpoints, and defining an atom entry for a  
"user"? I'm not sure if this can borrow from hCard or the DiSo project.

  + http://blog.example.com/(wp-)app.php/user/{id} or {username}?
  + http://blog.example.com/(wp-)app.php/users/{page}?

Alan J Castonguay

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