[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-svn] [8993] trunk/wp-admin: Add breadcrumb, remove h2 from edit.php.

Charles E. Frees-Melvin charles at cefm.ca
Sat Sep 27 12:10:54 GMT 2008

What if add new post/page where moved as a drop down like "My Account"  
drops down in leu of "New Post". And the search retuened to the head  
where "add new post [go]" is now.
On 27-Sep-08, at 7:52 AM, Idled Soul wrote:

> Ozh wrote:
>> Seriously, this UI is getting ridiculous. 3 links for Dashboard, 3
>> links or buttons to add a new post, 3 links for user profile, and in
>> order to maximize the number of click you have to do, some links even
>> disappear depending on the page you're on. Some links are duplicated
>> all over the place, while you have to search and dig for others. How
>> usable, confusing and newbie friendly is this??
> Why is the search in the sidebar, at bottom? It doesn't look good  
> there, not to mention having to scroll
> all the way down there to use it. I'd rather have it back up top  
> again, where the drop down menu that
> doesn't work, is at.
> And for some reason, the "Comments" link is in the sidebar all by  
> itself, with nothing
> else for it... I'm sorry, but I'll have to agree with Ozh about some  
> of these changes. Don't get me wrong
> though, I'm sure it's just some bugs and tweaking that will need  
> done of course, just currently, everything
> is all over the place.
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