[wp-hackers] How do you manage your plugin development?

Bret McMillan bretm at redhat.com
Thu Sep 25 18:16:35 GMT 2008

Peter van der Does wrote:
> I have been developing two plugins for a while now, no shameless
> plug ;), and I have been wondering how other developers are
> managing their plugins.
> I'm thinking about bug tracking, project management etc.

* bugzilla.redhat.com (eventually)
* project management was that we had an internal project that needed 
these plugins, so my PM bugged me until I got 'em done :P

> Personally I'm using the following:
> I run Linux and use Eclipse for writing my plugins. I created a local
> git repository in which I do my development and when I have a release
> ready I copy the contents of the git repo into the trunk of svn repo
> @ wordpress, create a new tag and commit the svn repo.

I've got some git repos up on fedorapeople, but haven't formalized 
anything yet b/c one is WPMU-compatibility mod of an existing plugin, 
and I'm still need to coordinate w/ the original authors.

> I have a forum where people can report bugs, but people also report
> bugs in the comment section on my blog. I usually fix the bug within a
> few days. And don't really keep track of them.

Something I've done in a variety of web apps is to include a direct link 
to the form for bug submission.

> For project management, it's big word for what I'm doing, I use
> OpenOffice. I just have a document in which I set my goals for next
> releases.

Most folks I know are using trac for a more integrated approach; I just 
end up using bugzilla + text file/internal tracking tools.


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